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Dolphins - the smartest, amazing creatures. They amaze with their intelligence and culture. Every person wants to see dolphins, and it is this desire that in many cases brings great suffering to the dolphins themselves.
 To see the dolphins need to go to the dolphinarium? At first glance, dolphinariums seem like a heavenly place with cheerful music and smiling dolphins. But dolphin smiles are a terrible illusion. Just ask yourself one question: “How do dolphins get into the Dolphinarium?”
 In nature, dolphins live on average 40-50 years. In dolphinariums, most dolphins die 10 years old.
 “Did dolphins deserve such treatment? Did, thus, they must pay for human greed and desire to have fun? The usual trip to the dolphinarium - the place of exploitation of dolphins, sponsors the slaughter and torment of dolphins! Do they really have to pay such a price for our entertainment?”
 Do you like dolphins and go to the dolphinarium? Your love is killing. Look at the truth. Enough so "love".

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