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This is a small private apartment shelter in Moscow for birds. The attending physician of our birds is Alexander Tomashevsky, but sometimes we turn to other specialists.
 We provide assistance:
 - birds of the raven family;
 - songbirds;
 - owls and birds of prey;
 - from the "non-standard": nightjars, herons, woodpeckers.
 We take affected birds, treat them, and then release them into nature or find them a new home. We are also ready to help you with catching injured birds or advise on the content.
 Sometimes we have a place, but there are no funds for a bird survey (3-5 thousand). In this case, we can take the bird to us if you are ready to take it to the veterinarian and pay for it.
 "Crow's Nest" exists at the expense of shelter owners and charitable donations.
 We are trying to help as many birds as possible.

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