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The main goal of the festival is to inform those around us that we are all equal in this world, both animals and people. That killing, captivity, violence and exploitation of others is not permissible. Animals can't protect themselves, but we can do it for them.
 In 2018, we managed to do:
 - 69 cities participating in the festival;
 - 91 pet protection event;
 -1,271,513 rubles transferred to shelters and animal protection organizations;
 - about half a ton of feed collected for furry and caudate wards;
 - a half dozen dogs and cats have found new owners.
 We're all different. We are of different ages and nationalities, professions, views on life. But there are things that should unite all. Let this festival be the first step towards bringing people together to do something good.
 We wish you all the best and health!
 To every heard,
 To every helped,
 In defense of animals
 Will be the rock! Continue!!!!

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