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Back pain (osteochondrosis - protrusion - herniated discs). Arthrosis. Treatment recommendations.
 A few years ago I tried to post my article, which I cite below, in one of the blogs. I wanted to share my experience in treating back pain, because for now, osteochondrosis and arthrosis are a real scourge of our century. Unfortunately, this blog no longer exists. I decided to send my article here to this site In fact, I just want to make this article available to anyone who suffers from back pain, in their knees, hip, or other joints so that anyone who has read this article can start the process of healing their body. I indicate the Helpico wallet so that the Helpico coins can be used to promote this page through various search engines. The task is to keep this page in the top lines of the search results and be available for review to anyone.
So, let's talk about the back, or rather, back pain, or to be even more precise, about the disease known as osteochondrosis, which, as it progresses, first turns into protrusion of the discs, and then into the hernia of the discs.
 At the present level of development of medicine, it is impossible to get rid of this disease completely, the only thing that can be achieved under the condition that certain rules are followed and I will give below is remission of the degenerative - dystrophic process that takes place in the intervertebral discs of the back.
 What kind of disease is this - intervertebral disc hernia, I will not describe in this article. I am not a doctor and have no special medical education. The one who has already encountered this problem, I think, studied this topic on my own.
 I only, relying on my personal experience, want to describe what can and should be done to get rid of such unpleasant consequences of this ailment as pain in the lumbosacral spine.
 It is necessary to understand and accept the fact that in order to get rid of pain in the lumbar region it is necessary to radically change your lifestyle, and if it is not always possible, then at least add new healthy and necessary habits to recovery. So, the whole rehabilitation process for this type of disease can be schematically divided into three stages:
 Stage 1 - getting rid of pain,
 Stage 2 - stabilization of the state "without pain",
 Stage 3 - consolidation and maintenance of the achieved result.
Stage 1
 Drug relief from pain involves taking medical drugs and / or various medical procedures. I am not a doctor and therefore I will not, in this article, list drugs that are used to relieve the inflammatory process in the intervertebral discs. Citing my particular case as an example, I can say that in order to stabilize my condition besides the course of pills, I had to puncture the alflutop treatment in the lumbosacral region. This drug belongs to the group of chondroprotectors.
Stage 2
 Spend a course of collagen drink for enhanced nutrition of the joints and spine “Honda drink” from Evalar. We spend on drink, not as recommended by the manufacturer - 10 days, then a break - 10 days and again 10 days, and we drink this drink in a row for at least 2, and even better for 3 months. The pleasure is expensive, but it is worth it, definitely an effective means - it stimulates the process of regeneration of cartilage tissue, checked for yourself - the feeling in the lumbar back is excellent. 
 Now I recommend replacing this drink with the hondoprotector intake - “Artrocels”. I will tell about this preparation below.
Stage 3
 A. Every morning we do push-ups from the floor. There are many types of pushups. In itself exercise - push-up is very useful. Pushups load the main muscle groups of a person: arms, shoulders, forearms, triceps, biceps, deltoid muscles; wrists and hands are strengthened; the pectoral muscles, the abdominal and back muscles work; the muscles surrounding the spine are worked through. Using push-ups, you can create a so-called muscular corset, which is able to act as a defense and support of the spine, which in fact is our goal. I want to recommend a type of push-ups for the morning workout with alternately holding one leg at the top while doing the exercise, that is push-ups at three points of support. It is advisable to perform 8-10 approaches per workout. We start with the number of push-ups for which we have enough strength and gradually increase the number of push-ups in each approach.
 Correct pushups from the floor:
 - take the position “the emphasis lying”. To do this, you need to lean on the floor with straight arms and at the same time your back should be straight and your legs should be kept together. The body should correspond to a straight line: the back does not bend, but the buttocks do not stick up.
 - for a uniform distribution of the load, elbows should be placed so that they are at an angle of 45 degrees to the body.
 - when bending the elbows and lowering the body down, you should touch the floor, since in this case the muscles stretch more and, accordingly, are better pumped. - need to control breathing. We inhale when we go down and exhale, when we return to the starting point upwards. Hold your breath should not be.
B. Every morning, we perform a hardening procedure, and we briefly hold the stream of cold water on the lumbosacral back area. No need to stand under a stream of ice water, it will be enough to make the water cold, i.e. dilute the stream of ice water from the tap, turned on at full capacity, not a strong jet of hot water. Benefit from hardening is difficult to overestimate. I will not dwell on all the advantages of this procedure. Immediately, we are interested in the fact that under the influence of cold water, the process of rejuvenation of the body cells occurs: the cells again begin to actively “work”. This effect of this procedure should lead to the beginning of the process of regeneration of damaged cells of the back. IN NO EVENT, DO NOT CONDUCT A HARDENING PROCEDURE DURING THE PERIOD OF EXACERBATION OF THE ILLNES!!!
All the actions described below must be started from the first day of treatment, and continue on a regular basis even after relieving pain, so that it becomes a habit in life. Pushups and hardening, which we began to do only at the 3rd stage of treatment, we also continue to do constantly, adding to them the following habits:
1. Increase the amount of consumption of simple clean water, drink at least 1.5 liters per day. Water is a vital substance on which the human body is completely dependent. Often the symptom of local dehydration is chronic pain, especially associated with rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, and the like. I strongly recommend reading the book: "How to treat back pain and rheumatic joint pains", the author of the book: F. Batmanghelidzh. In it, the author explains very intelligibly and clearly why it is vital for every person to drink a certain amount of water every day. The explanation of this fact, you can find on pages: 24-29 and 110-113. THEREFORE EACH MORNING BEGINNING WITH DRINKING 2 CLEAN WATER GLASSES WITH A ROOM TEMPERATURE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH!!! 
2. Walking on foot at least 1 hour per day, at least 5 days per week. As well as the previous item - it is absolutely a prerequisite for a successful recovery. The bottom line is this: the intervertebral disk is a tissue in the human body that does not have blood vessels, but the disks are just like any other tissue in the body — nutrition is necessary. When walking from the intervertebral disks under the pressure of body weight, waste substances are squeezed out, and under the influence of osmotic and vacuum forces nutrients are pumped into the disk. This process resembles the process of blood circulation, which nourishes and nourishes the discs. Therefore, I repeat - walking is a prerequisite for a successful recovery. I also highly recommend reading the book: “Osteochondrosis for a professional patient,” by I.M. Danilov. It is better to read this book in its entirety, and on walking, as a prerequisite for feeding the disks, you will find on pages 310-311.
 Our actions with the foregoing:
 - we give the car to the spouse or spouse, if you have 2 cars per family, then we put our car in the garage, and we sell it better, so that there is no temptation!
 - we walk on foot from the house - to the subway, from the subway - to work, on the way back, we leave one stop earlier from the subway and go home on foot.
3. To use a seat in the form of a saddle. If you spend most of your time in a sitting position, I recommend that you start using a seat-saddle for sitting, which will keep your back in the correct anatomical position, rationally distributing the load on the entire spinal column.
4. Keep posture - use posture corrector (corset for posture). At the 1st stage of rehabilitation, we use a corset every day, later we use it during periods of exacerbation and the appearance of pain. The corset keeps the spine in a physiologically correct position, forms the correct posture.
5. Sleep on an orthopedic pillow with a roller. During sleep, it supports the back in the correct anatomical position, preventing the back muscles from being in constant tension, which in fact is (constant muscle overstrain of the muscles) one of the factors leading to pain.
6. During sleep, use a pillow to support the legs in the knee area. It also supports your back during sleep in the correct anatomical position, performing the same functions as a pillow with a roller.
7. Every 4-6 months to drink a 20-day course - drink “Honda drink”. Now I have replaced this drink with a hondoprotector - “Artrocels”. I will tell about this preparation below. 
Well, at the end of this article I would like to emphasize that everything that is written above is the result of my personal experience, but I am sure that if you try to follow the entire list of my recommendations consistently, carefully and purposefully, you will be able to achieve in a relatively short time health benefits, forget about back pain and significantly improve the quality of your life. I wish you all good health and longevity!!!
I'm testing a new сhondoprotector – “Artrocels” instead of “Honda drink”. The fundamental difference between them lies in the active substances. In “Honda drink” contains only glucosamine and chondroitin, albeit in higher therapeutic dosages, but only they. In “Artrocels” - in addition to glucosamine and chondroitin, which are contained in small quantities, the main active ingredients are amino acids: glutamine, lysine, proline, glycine!
About amino acids in general and these in particular, as well as their effects on the human body, you can easily find on the Internet. Upon completion of the course I will write about the result.
“Artrocels” - the result after admission.
 As promised in a note from 08/23/2016 I want to tell about the result obtained after taking “Artrocels”.
The result was very impressive, though, first of all, I noticed the effect on my knees. Even before the appearance of intervertebral hernia, I was diagnosed with arthrosis of the knee joints. So, 4 weeks after the start of taking Artrocels, I gradually began to feel pain in the knee joints, but not inside the knee caps, but it all started from the inside of my knees, and on the left side I started earlier. Then the pain began to grow and went to spread under the knee joints. It was really unpleasant and painful. It was hard for me not only to stand for a long time, but also to sit, and after getting up from a sitting position, when unbending my knees, I felt very unpleasant pulling sensations. I could not squat down at all, it was painful, but it is worth noting that when I squatted, the pain was felt not in the knees themselves, but in the upper part of the gastrocnemius muscles. I think it was restored ligaments.
6 weeks after the start of taking Artrocels, and therefore 2 weeks after the onset of pain, I stopped taking this chondroprotector. I decided to wait for the pain to stop. Further, these pain began to decrease. The pain most quickly subsided in the area of the right knee, but the left knee, or rather, the upper part of the gastrocnemius muscle hurt for a long time, almost until the end of February.
 I will say with complete frankness - there is a real result. Before the reception, with each squat, I had a strong crunch and clicks in my knees, just really strong, as if inside my knees, something jumped from place to place. Now I have no such sensations, almost none. Now when squats you hear very weak crunching, but there are not any jumps inside the kneecaps anymore! And this is not just my subjective opinion - this is what I feel now, in fact. I have something to compare, arthrosis of the knee joints, I had a few years, and I remember the sensations that were, and how I feel now!
Now, actually, about the INTERVERTEBRAL HERNIA.
 Up to this point, I described the situation with my knees in great detail, and since during the recovery process in the knees, I experienced serious pains, I focus on the sensations in the lumbar region, where I have hernias, and there are two of them, I somehow did not work. But now, while writing this article, recalling and analyzing what I felt then, I realized that in parallel with the recovery processes in the knees, there was also a restoration of damaged intervertebral discs, and as I now understand, all the main regenerative processes in the discs were leaking at night. It happened this way: after waking up from a night's sleep, I felt that it was hard for me to straighten up, that there was a constraint in movements when bending and straightening the waist. Someone will object to me that similar sensations are observed in everyone who has lumbar osteochondrosis or hernia. But there is one thing. Now, in the morning, I no longer feel any particular discomfort in the lumbar region; I can bend and straighten quite calmly and painlessly. Also earlier in the morning, seeing my daughter to kindergarten, when I walked, “I felt my waist,” who knows these feelings, he will understand me. Now I have practically no such unpleasant feeling. Therefore, based on all of the above, I undertake to assert that this hondoprotector, also managed to exert its regenerating effect on my lumbar intervertebral discs! Nevertheless, I want to note the fact that I didn’t go for a repeat MRI, and therefore I can’t confirm the restoration or, at a minimum, a positive shift in this direction, and indeed I don’t need it. First of all, I rely on my inner feelings, and they really tell me that the regeneration process is developing in a positive way.
Well, I would like to finish this article on the fact that in order to consolidate and deepen the result obtained, I plan to spend one more course of Artrocels soon, if I have something to supplement after its completion, I will definitely write here. All healthy joints ;-)
Now, on an ongoing basis, at least once a year I use сhondoprotector “Artrocels”. Despite the fact that I previously mentioned this, I nevertheless want to repeat it again in order to achieve stable remission and improvement in the condition of intervertebral discs and various arthrosis, it is necessary to carry out the whole range of measures and exercises that I described above. Use for the treatment of hernias and arthrosis only chondoprotector is not sufficient. You will greatly improve the quality of your life, and forget about back pain and clicking in the joints, if you try to adhere to the entire list of recommendations given by me above. Although everyone chooses his own way, I just wanted to share with you my personal, successful experience in treating this disease. All happiness and longevity! And with the coming 2018 Year!!!

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