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The Center for the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Wild Birds "The Bottom of the Swamp" provides assistance to all species of birds, from gray pigeons to red-book eagles.
 We help frozen birds, knocked down by cars, attacked by dogs and cats, chicks that fell out of their nests. Many birds are injured in an urban environment, not noticing glass obstacles, wires. We catch traumatized birds, provide veterinary care, feed chicks, set up a decent life for disabled birds. Most of the birds we manage to return to wildlife.
 "The Bottom of the Swamp"  does not work as a permanent shelter, but we create the most comfortable conditions for the birds until they find their home. Sometimes it takes a month, sometimes a year.
 Our task is to prepare the bird for life шт the wild.
 The bird is placed in an open-air cage with fellows and adults. In the pack, the chick learns the hierarchy, language, and various signals. He learns to be afraid of people, dogs, cats. He gets used to temperature, day and night, rain and wind. Reintroduction is considered successful if the bird cannot be caught, it is well, high and long flying, seen alive for more than a week (this means that the bird knows how to find food).The  Raven, released on the territory of the Center, we feed daily chickens (defrosting).
 Birds on the legs, we put the ring to track them.
 "The Bottom of the Swamp" exists on charitable donations and does not carry out any commercial activity.

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